Meet My Friend Freddy Bear
The bear who REALLY knows you.

I'm so happy to see you, Albie!

I know you love playing hide and seek with your sister Sophie!

Have you seen your best friend, Thomas, today?

You love painting at school, what other things do you like at school?

What are your favourite things about your pet dog?

Things My Friend Freddy Bear can do
Amaze your child with Freddy

He will amaze your child with the things he knows about them!

Type into the app answers to up to 50 questions about the child and Freddy Bear will incorporate these details into the things he says.

In-app Activities with Freddy

In-app activities have three stages of learning.

Select the level that's right for your child and play sorting, zoo and puzzle games.

Create photos albums with Freddy

Create photo albums of friends and family and record personal messages.

Freddy Bear will talk about them using details entered into the app. He can also keep recorded messages to play back.

Interact with Freddy

Touch & sound interaction

Freddy Bear giggles and says cute phrases when he's not paired with a phone or tablet.

About The Games

Fish Bowls

Freddy says which fish to move

Level 1

Move coloured fish from one bowl to the other.

Level 2

Move fish by colour.

Level 3

Move fish by colour up/down, left/right.

Sea Puzzle

Complete a puzzle according to Freddy's instructions.

Level 1

Complete the puzzle.

Level 2

Complete the puzzle in the order of the letters given.

Level 3

Solve the calculations then place the corresponding piece.

Animal Zoo

Find the animal according to Freddy's instructions.

Level 1

Freddy will say the name of the animal.

Level 2

The animal's name will be spelt.

Level 3

Freddy will give a description of the animal to find.

Download the app here. (It will only work with a Freddy Bear toy)

Requires iOS version 7.1 or higher.

Android requires operating system 4.0.3 or higher.

Available in different languages on all devices.

Minimum specification for smart phone or tablet


200Mb free space for installing the app. 64Mb free space for the app to run.


3.0 or Higher


3x86-64 or ARM; 1Ghz or above

Parent friendly features

Personalise without
opening the box!

3 Stages of

Internet connection
not required to play

Volume control
via app